Keto Diet and COVID-19: How Helpful is Keto Diet in Corona Virus?

Keto Diet and COVID-19: How Helpful is Keto Diet in Corona Virus?

Novel Corona Virus has spread to every nook and corner of the world and almost all of the countries are facing extreme health and economic problems. To date, no cure for the virus has been found and the researcher is putting every effort to found a cure for it. During these times, maintaining a healthy diet is important not only for staying healthy but also to boost the immune system to fight against the novel coronavirus. Most of the people are using the keto diet to fight against the novel coronavirus, but is it safe to do a keto diet during this pandemic?

What do the investigation state?

According to the study done last year by the scientists at Yale School of Medicine, USA, found that ketogenic diet can help to boost the immune system of the body and provide protection against the viral flu.

During the investigation, lead scientist Akiko Iwasaki found that keto diet has boosted immune cells in mice and also produced the protective mucus in the lungs. But there is no clear evidence as yet that this diet can boost the immune system in human as well

Can Keto help boost the Immune System in humans?

Most of the health experts advise people to eat food rich in vitamin c and zinc. Health experts advise eating Red bell peppers, broccoli, ginger, meat, poultry and to take lemon water and green tea.

If we look at the above foods, these all are the food that is allowed and mostly taken on the keto diet. The use of these foods on the keto diet can help boost the immune system and protect the body from viral flu.

Is it Safe to Do Keto Diet?

To date, no cure has been found to the novel coronavirus and health experts are only advising to boost immunity as the symptoms of the coronavirus are just like those of influenza. So keto diet contains all the foods that can help boost immunity against the viral flu so keto diet can help you fight from corona and it is completely safe during this pandemic.

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